MW preheating of Natural Rubber Bale

MW preheating of Natural Rubber Bale

MW preheating of Natural Rubber Bale

Our MICROWAVE preheater simplifies and fastens the process of natural bale heating. It comes with advanced Microwave heating technology that promotes uniform and quick heating throughout the bale.

The natural bale pellets usually come in a frozen/hard state for preservation purposes. After reaching the production house, they end up getting stocked in a room for days. Before the mixing process, these natural bales are heated in a hot room. However, this process takes time, resources and space.

Replacing it with microwave preheating enables efficient preheating in a shorter time. You can entirely eliminate the need for a hot room for preparing the bale for mixing. Furthermore, the process becomes more streamlined as the microwave heater becomes part of the chain.

  • Preheating takes hours instead of days. The typical duration for the process with microwave heating is around 2 to 8 hrs.
  • Enables a uniform temperature throughout the mass of the natural bale.
  • Well-preheated mixtures reduce the torque of the mixing mill and conserve energy.
  • Promotes homogenous mixing of master batch and thus high-quality end-products.
  • Reduces the inventory of natural rubber

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Microwave Preheater

MW preheating of Natural Rubber Bale

Application Where To Implement Advantages / USPs
MW preheating of Natural Rubber Bale
  • Replaces room Heating
  • Preheating in Hrs. in place of days.(80 Hrs. to 2 Hrs.)
  • Homogeneous temperature throughout mass.
  • Reduces torque of mixing mill.
  • Homogeneous mixing of Master Batch.
Standard Models : MW-preheating of Natural Rubber Bale / Master Batch Type
Model No: TW/MWPH/6K/Batch TW/MWPH/9K/Batch TW/MWPH/12K/Batch
Production capacity kg /Hr. (approx.) 80-100 kg/Hrs. 120-140 kg/Hr. 170-200 kg/Hr.
Frequency 2.45 GHz
Installed Microwave Power requirements 6 KW 9 KW 12 KW
Installed electrical power 9KWh 14 KWh 18KWh
Chamber Dimensions in mm (Approx.) 800 X 800 X 500 (L *W*H) 850 X 850 X 750 (L *W*H) 900X 900 X 950 (L *W*H)
Turn table 600 mm 700 mm 700 mm
Preheating Time rubber Bell 30 minutes 30 minutes 30 minutes
Preheating time for Master Batch 20 minutes 20 minutes 20 minutes
Max Preheating temperature 50° – 70 ̊ centigrade (adjustable)
MOC Cavity SS 304/ support structure MS Powder coated

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