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TWIN Engineer’s Microwave heating technology gives you an innovative solution to vulcanize rubber profiles and preheat rubber compounds, preheat rubber bells and master batches with the utmost efficiency.

When the material to be cured is subjected to a high-frequency microwave field, the polar molecules in the material reorient constantly to align with the shifting field. This induces heat from the core to spread uniformly across the rubber.

Microwave heating is







Highly productive

Highly productive





Green Technology

Green Technology

TWIN Engineers’ have brought this highly in-demand Microwave Vulcanization technology to India so that rubber manufacturers can triumph in their ventures! Overall, amplifying the plant production capacity substantially.

Microwave Preheater for rubber suppliers

Looking for a microwave preheater for rubber suppliers in India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, Fujairah, Saudi Arabia and Egypt? If so, you came to the right place.

Our Products

Microwave Preheater

Microwave PreheaterDesigned for high-temperature processing and heating through microwave frequencies.
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Continuous Vulcanizing Ovens

Continuous Vulcanizing OvensDesigned to provide continuous vulcanizing effects for faster curing at lower power with high temp.Explore More

Continuous Type Preheater

Continuous Type PreheaterDesigned for efficient preheating with microwave heating technology to uniformly heat the mass.Explore More

Microwave Preheater For Tyre

Microwave Preheater For TyreDesigned to reduce the processing cost of tyres by eliminating additional power-consuming processes.Explore More

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We value time. Hence, we deliver products right on time so that you can enjoy manufacturing high-end rubber components without any delays to your production cycle.

20+ Years of Experience

Leading the path has always been our thing. We have been creating vulcanization and heating products for 20+ years. We have insights and valuable research data for smart manufacturing.

Value Adding

We spend all our knowledge on figuring out the best possible solution for your requirements. In everything we supply, we aim to improve the value of our organization as a whole.

Durability at its Finest

We use supreme-grade materials and components to build all our products. Thus, letting you enjoy the benefits of a long life, durable performance, and a significant reduction in maintenance cost.


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